Having been a self-employed business owner for the past eight years, it hasn’t been necessary for me to undertake a “job search” for quite some time, and I quickly realized the task of  landing a job (that I wanted), was going to be the biggest challenge I’ve faced to date.

After three months of my search consisting solely of submitting my resume to job listings on job boards and no interviews to result from that strategy, I realized I needed to change my tactics — I found your book on Amazon and I immediately started implementing many of the suggestions (a LinkedIn profile, using Hoovers to research companies), and most effectively, I started networking.

A couple of months later, an acquaintance who knew I was looking for a job in sales, suggested I contact her uncle, who is an executive for a large company in the aviation industry (which I have zero experience in).  I contacted him through email & sent my resume.  Lo and behold, he invited me to come in for an interview for a newly created sales position (not even advertised yet).  He saw huge potential in me, as I ran two very successful businesses.

During the three and a half hour interview, I blew both interviewers away with articulate, story telling examples of my leadership capabilites and sales skills (following all the key points from the  chapter ‘hand to hand combat’). As you suggested, I researched the company in depth prior to the interview and was able to ‘wow’ the interviewers with my knowledge of their company.  The icing on the cake was when the interviewer asked if I had an questions (separating the winners from the losers), and I was indeed armed, ready and let the questions fly.

My interview was last week, as I was leaving, the interviewer told me to expect an offer for the position in the next couple of weeks!

I received the job offer because:

  1. I used networking effectively for my job search
  2. I by-passed the Human Resource Department and sent my resume directly to the person I’d be working for
  3. I wowed my interviewers during a three and a half hour interview using suggestions from GMFJH