The situation:

“I was a soon-to-be college graduate in the USA on an international student visa.  I was looking to relocate to a different state with minimum industry experience. Oh and this story takes place in the middle of the financial meltdown of 2008. Additionally, I had to find a job within three months which is when my student visa expires. Was I crazy? Just a tad but I knew what I wanted and one way or another I will get it.”


Methods Pre David and Kevin

As a young soon to be college graduate, I used every resource available to students and then some. I attended the requisite career fairs hosted by the various departments of the school. I even attended other colleges career fairs. I had my resume critiqued by my school’s career center and it erased all individuality that I worked so hard to create within my resume. and were favorites on my browser as everyday I submitted by revised resume in the hope of getting a job, ANY job. I attended networking events and handing out my business cards with dreams that I would get the phone call that would assure my of a job.


Meeting the Guerrillas

I have no recollection which blog I was browsing when I came upon an invitation for a telephone seminar with Kevin and David. At first it did not stand out but as I was making no progress job hunting on my own, i figured why not. At this time, I have been a college graduate for less than a month but it was one of the longest months job-hunting.On the phone call I remember mainly listening in in awe of these individuals who had much more experience than me, American citizens and were looking a job just like me. Suffice to say I was scared and had a serious moment of doubt but the bootcamp sounded like a good idea. I had absolutely nothing to lose and clearly my methods were not working so off to Bootcamp I went.



The first thing I learnt in addition to getting dressed for success every day was to develop a routine. Everyday I was to do a different technique and maintain my schedule. It was my job to land a job.

End result: landed my dream job in Washington DC in the nick of time.