Get around the Shutdown: Free job search tool offers hope to fed workers

Put America Back to Work, a collaboration of Perry-Martel International Inc. and Guerrilla Job Search International, today announced it is giving away a free, 2.5-hour downloadable digital copy of the Guerrilla Job Search Secrets Revealed: Put America Back to Work Edition DVD.

Interested consumers, including U.S. federal workers affected by the government shutdown, may download it free 

David Perry, managing partner of Perry-Martel International and author of “Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0”, said the company released the Put America Back to Work DVD to help the 800,000 workers affected by President Trump’s federal government shutdown.

“We released the Job Search Secrets Revealed DVD as a public service,” said Perry. “We want government workers to hear the words ‘You’re Hired’ as fast as possible. We easily could have charged for this information, but we felt that would limit the number of people who could immediately use it to land a job during the shutdown.”

Some of the topics included on the DVD, recorded at the MSU Management Education Center, include:

  • What to do FIRST in your job search. (Get this wrong and no hiring manager or recruiter will return your phone calls)
  • How to leverage social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and other web sites to take advantage of “the secret lives of recruiters.”
  • What to write in the one part of your cover letter that EVERY employer reads (and how to know with certainty that it will get read)
  • How a “cup in a box” can get you a job interview, even when hordes of people are competing against you for advertised positions.
  • Should you include a picture on your resume? (Answer: Yes! But not a picture of your face.)
  • How to legally “hack” into and clarify your employment goals in only minutes – with almost no effort on your part.
  • Finally! How to REALLY prepare for a job interview. One simple thing lets you set the agenda and take control of the entire conversation.

To download a free digital copy click here: Put America Back to Work

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