"Executive Job Search Secrets Revealed"

Recorded live in front of 93 executives at ExecuNet Toronto, for the master connector himself Mr. Martin P. Buckland, President of Elite Resumes.

This was a SOLD OUT event.

You will discover how to...

  • Rejoice at bad economic news
  • Leverage LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networking sites to take advantage of “the secret lives of recruiters”
  • Double your networking results in only 30 days
  • Create a resume that proves you are the one to hire, using the secrets of... infomercials
  • Use your junk mail to make the phone ring with job offers
  • “Start work” before the interview
  • Recession-proof your career based on the secrets of alcohol, tobacco, and gambling
  • And much, much more!

Now I warn you, this is not a “Hollywood” quality production but the information is priceless and specific to executives.  Not one person left the room for any reason for the entire 2 hours [and no the doors were not locked].

How can you get your hands on this information, which could put you on the fast-track to an executive job?

It’s only available as part of our new Guerrilla Job Search Home Study Course: Executive Edition.

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