"Are you worried about a job search that’s dragged on for weeks... months... or longer?"

Frustrated about finding employers and avoiding the HR runaround?

Ready to take action and stop wasting time?

Good news: Help is here.

Announcing: MyNewJobHunt.com, the Online Guerrilla Job Search Boot Camp

Now you can get the job you want — thanks to our MyNewJobHunt software application that keeps you on target.

Right Below is a Snap Shot of the Physical Products used in MyNewJobHunt.  You Get Everything Pictured in Digital Format for Your Personal Use...   (no need to pay for shipping)

Here's Some of What You'll Get...

  • The Career Clarity Formula. Because you can’t hit a target you can’t see, you will get crystal clear on the job you seek and the 10-20 employers most likely to hire you. ($500 value).
  • The Guerrilla Resumes and Cover Letters. Your resumes and cover letters aren’t working. If they were, you’d be working now, right? We fix that, by creating a Guerrilla Resume and Cover Letter templates that are easy to customize and use over and over for the rest of your career ($695 value).
  • The Online Profile Builder. The easiest way to find a job is to have the job find you. So, we guide you on creating a LinkedIn profile that makes employers and recruiters want to meet you. You'll get a tremendous edge over other candidates ($400 value).
  • The Extreme Networking System. Raise your hand if you love networking. We thought so. The solution? Stop pestering friends and former co-workers with “elevator pitches” and other canned nonsense. Start having real conversations with hiring authorities who want to meet you. We show you how ($400 value).
  • The Hidden Job Finder. This is where the rubber meets the road, typically within 30 days. After your network is humming with activity, we tell you how to ethically “force” hiring authorities to meet with you. This is where unadvertised jobs are often offered to you or created for you ($700 value).
  • The Interview Multiplier. Why settle for just one or two job interviews? It’s not uncommon for Guerrilla Job Hunters to average one interview for every two Guerrilla Resumes submitted. We help you build unstoppable momentum that leads to a rewarding new job ($500 value).
  • The Job Offer Maximizer. When it comes to negotiating your highest salary, nothing beats multiple job offers. We help you maximize your chances and become the “MWC” (Most Wanted Candidate) employers pay top dollar for ($1,000 value — or more).

Fact: No other career coach, guru, or “expert” can do what we do for you with MyNewJobHunt.com

This is  Job Search Coaching for the Digital Age.

Because only Guerrilla Job-Search coaching uses our proprietary 7-Step “recruit-yourself” system that’s the basis for the best-selling book, “Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0.”

To learn more watch the video below highlighting some of what you will learn:

...then click here to sign up for the Online Boot Camp - take the online test - and get ready to start interviewing.

Your investment is $297 with the option to try the first week of the Boot Camp for $50.

Join other Successful Boot Campers  

“Guerrilla 10 Week Boot Camp for Job Seekers – Don’t Waste your Time or Money on anything Else!!”

“Being a Guerrilla Boot Camper doesn’t just prepare you for your next job, it provides you with skills you can use throughout your life. During my experience working with other executive coaches who used the same tired old tactics, no one ever suggested trying something different if their cookie-cutter strategies didn’t work.

The course teaches you job search skills that make you “stand out in a crowd”, where hiring executives will take notice. As an HR and business executive myself, I want to hire candidates that can “think outside of the box.”

If you are faced with the misfortune of a job loss (as many of us have in the past 5 years and possibly will again), don’t panic and settle for the conventional outplacement firms and executive coaches. Save yourself the effort, time, aggravation and disappointments and go straight to the program that will make a difference... Guerrilla Boot Camp.

It’s a personalized approach that works! You’ll be happy you took my advice!!”

Sandy Srebnick, Senior Business Executive, HR & Corporate Services - Greater New York Area

Guerrilla Job Search Warfare is Unconventional Warfare

"The Guerrilla Job Seekers boot camp is no walk in the park by any stretch of the imagination. The camp is at least a 40 hour per week job. If you enroll in the job seeker boot camp and you want to golf 36 holes of golf per week, you won’t be able to keep up with your class work. The same holds true for those with a busy social life or have an unsupportive significant other.

This course is only for the most serious of job hunters who will do whatever it reasonably takes to land a new job.

Guerrilla Warfare is Unconventional Warfare – highly effective and targeted. Because the Since Because the guerrilla job hunting process you will learn is also unconventional, your friends and family will think you are crazy when you tell them what you are learning. But remember – job hunters come to the Guerrilla Job Seekers boot camp when conventional job search strategies don’t work. This stuff works.

I have recommended this guerrilla training to others that I personally know. When all is said and done though, you’ll be glad that he did."

Greg Nordhougen, Monterey, CA

I’m proud to be number 21,713!

"I was out of work for many months. The number 21,713 was not a prisoner number assigned to me at a penitentiary while unemployed all those months; it represents the number of successful job seekers that Guerrilla Team Mark J. Haluska and David Perry has helped through the years.

Before joining the Guerrilla Boot Camp, I was using traditional job search techniques and those techniques got me nowhere. I’m frugal by nature but after learning of the success that Mark and David has had with others made joining their boot camp a relatively easy decision for me.

One thing that needled at me (before joining the boot camp) was the fact that I’m over 50 and I believe that age discrimination does exist in today’s workplace. Once the course started, I simply did not have the time to worry about ageism (again) as I was too involved in the class to let it bother me again. My confidence, though cautiously, grew with each passing week.

What is amazing is that it is not just one thing the course teaches you, but it is an amalgamation of things I learned that produces results. They call this the force multiplier effect. Thanks to these proven tactics, I was able to land a job in a much shorter time with better pay than I previously had. My new job will allow me to leverage my current skill set in a new area that will help me grow even at this stage of my career.

The things I learned from this course will carry forward helping me in my new job. When unemployed and looking for a job, you can become discouraged. Thanks to things learned, I was one of the top 5% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012: thus providing me great marketing exposure.

Mark is a true drill instructor who prepares you for finding your dream job. When you are truly ready to get busy, buckle down and get serious about finding your next job, I would recommend the Guerrilla Job Search Boot Camp.

P.S. I would have liked to have been 21, 712 but another Stanford Grad beat me by 5 days.”

Robert Cubbage, Allen, Texas

“New job in 22 days!”

"I would have very much liked to have taken the entire 10 week Guerrilla Job Seekers Boot Camp but that won’t be possible because after only 22 days in the camp I landed a new gig. Therefore I “graduated” from the course 7 weeks early. On the upside, I’m working again and that is good news at the O’Donnell household.

I must say that those 22 days rank up there as the busiest I’ve ever had in my professional life. The course is non-stop work.

Odd as it may seem to some, it’s always been (and remains) my desire to be a “career contract” employee as I enjoy the challenge of “emergency parachuting” into corporate forest fires, solving their most pressing IT issues and then walking away a hero. I must say though that even in the world of “contract employment,” it has its challenges with corporate off shoring. That is one of the reasons I’ve used Guerrilla Job Search not once but twice.

I landed a new position both times and I would not hesitate to use this service again! In my mind that is no accident."

Peter O’Donnell, BSc, PMP, CTFL, Markham, Ontario, Canada

Two job offers within three weeks!

"I wholly endorse the 10 Week Guerrilla Job Seekers Boot Camp. Within 3 weeks of working with it I received two job offers!

My former employer offered to pay for my outplacement training provided by a large, nationally known firm. They teach the traditional job search methods and that was not for me.

It’s simply too competitive out there now days and therefore I chose to go Guerrilla instead. The Guerrilla  proprietary job seekers course materials are priceless."

Alexandra Morehouse, San Francisco, CA

Crazy 2 Months!

"The past 2 months have been crazy…here is the good news! I got a job offer with GE Healthcare…I was very interested in their Corporate Finance role and am looking forward to being a part of that company. The hiring committee was very impressed with my resume and experience. I had applied for a position on their website using the Guerrilla resume.

I am emailing you to thank you for all the support/encouragement and your efforts on my resume without which–I would not be here.

Best Regards!”

Geetha Ramachandran, Jersey City, NJ

“Using a Guerilla Resume format was very effective in getting attention to obtain interviews. Utilizing the cover letter and also the follow up techniques of zooming in on the target company, finding the name of the hiring manager, tracking down that person and finding out how to contact them, either phone, email, fax, or even using the home address or snail mail. Being more aggressive using the Guerrilla tactics I got over a 50% response rate. Your direction and the tactics were definitely the key to success in getting the job of my dreams.”

Tony Delisi, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I had been looking for a job for probably 8 months. I just wasn’t having any success. I had to find a way to do something different. What helped me the most was my Guerrilla Resume. It was an absolute overhaul of my first resume. It just looked completely better. The people that actually hired me liked it a lot. The resume is worth it. The Guerrilla Resume was the total difference maker for me.”

Keith Talbert, Beaumont, Texas

After 7 months of frustration, hired in only 7 weeks!

 "If you’re wondering if Guerrilla Marketing works, I am here to say it does! In February, I was laid off from my job of 11 years in advertising. When the big three took a dive here in Detroit, so did the automotive print business. I knew the job market was going to be tough, but thought with my advertising/marketing background, I would be able to brand myself in some way and land a job without any problems.

I made cards to pass out, attended networking groups, and even developed my own website. I worked hard networking and put numerous hours in on the computer sending out resumes. I did more than most and thought I would have some success, but this job market turned out to be a tough one, they were getting 800-1000 resumes every job I applied for. Here I was, seven months later I had not had one interview!

I was starting to get frustrated and a little depressed until I had gotten this email from a networking friend … about a boot camp. I decided to sign up. Though, I was a little hesitant to put out the money, I can now say it was worth every penny of it!

I first wrote my Guerrilla Resume, then sent it out in a Starbucks coffee cup asking to meet for coffee and I put it in a box and shipped it out by FedEx. Before I could make my follow-up call, they called me to tell me how clever it was and an interview was set up. I got a second interview with the EVP… and a few days later, I heard back from them and got the job offer!

I did it in 7 weeks with the tactics I learned. The traditional way of job searching is gone, and the sooner you learn what works, the sooner you’ll find the job you’re looking for!”

Mary Berman, Farmington Hills, Michigan

Wife now believes!

"When my husband Clark told me he was signing up for a “boot camp” to help him find a job I was skeptical. ‘Another person who just wants your money and doesn’t give you anything in return’ was my first thought. We had been through that the last time he lost his job. It seems like there are a lot of people out there waiting to prey upon unemployed professionals.

The boot camp went well. One thing that I really appreciated about it was that it kept Clark accountable to work diligently each day on job hunting. I'm sure it can get daunting at times, but with the boot camp assignments you know exactly what to do each day.

So many of the assignments are things we never thought to do. The strategies are truly unique and make the applicants stand out from the others. Yesterday he finally got a job.

As a wife, I highly recommend this program."

Barbara Finnical, St. Petersburg, FL

Warmest regards,


David Perry, Managing Partner
Perry-Martel International

P.S. — Below is a partial list of media that have covered our “Guerrilla” tactics. The press loves us because our methods are bold and our success stories are real.

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