"Are you worried about a job search that’s dragged on for weeks... months... or longer?"

That story was from 2008 - when the economy was at its worst....

So, frustrated about finding employers and avoiding the HR runaround?

Ready to take action and stop wasting time?

Good news: Help is here.

Announcing: Guerrilla Job Search Coaching

Now you can get the job you want — thanks to our 7-Step “Guerrilla Job Search Process”, the software application that keeps you on target, and personal help from one of our certified Guerrilla Job Search Coaches.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get...

  • The Career Clarity Formula. Because you can’t hit a target you can’t see, you will get crystal clear on the job you seek and the 10-20 employers most likely to hire you. Includes research to find decision makers at up to 20 different employers in your industry, using a proprietary recruiting database ($500 value).
  • The Guerrilla Resumes and Cover Letters. Your resumes and cover letters aren’t working. If they were, you’d be working now, right? We fix that, by creating a Guerrilla Resume and Cover Letter templates that are easy to customize and use over and over for the rest of your career ($695 value).
  • The Online Profile Builder. The easiest way to find a job is to have the job find you. So, we guide you on creating a LinkedIn profile that makes employers and recruiters want to meet you. You work with a recruiter as your coach, giving you a tremendous edge over other candidates ($400 value).
  • The Extreme Networking System. Raise your hand if you love networking. We thought so. The solution? Stop pestering friends and former co-workers with “elevator pitches” and other canned nonsense. Start having real conversations with hiring authorities who want to meet you. We show you how ($400 value).
  • The Hidden Job Finder. This is where the rubber meets the road, typically within 30 days. After your network is humming with activity, we tell you how to ethically “force” hiring authorities to meet with you. This is where unadvertised jobs are often offered to you or created for you ($700 value).
  • The Interview Multiplier. Why settle for just one or two job interviews? It’s not uncommon for Guerrilla Job Hunters to average one interview for every two Guerrilla Resumes submitted. We help you build unstoppable momentum that leads to a rewarding new job ($500 value).
  • The Job Offer Maximizer. When it comes to negotiating your highest salary, nothing beats multiple job offers. We help you maximize your chances and become the “MWC” (Most Wanted Candidate) employers pay top dollar for ($1,000 value — or more).

Fact: No other career coach, guru, or “expert” can do what we do for you with Guerrilla Job Search Coaching.

Because only Guerrilla Job-Search coaching uses our proprietary 7-Step “recruit-yourself” system that’s the basis for the best-selling book, “Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0.”

To learn more — and to see if you qualify — watch the video below highlighting some of what you will learn:

...then call David or Mark at  1.888.432.3477 (or leave a message for us at 613-236-6995 x111).

“Using a Guerilla Resume format was very effective in getting attention to obtain interviews. Utilizing the cover letter and also the follow up techniques of zooming in on the target company, finding the name of the hiring manager, tracking down that person and finding out how to contact them, either phone, email, fax, or even using the home address or snail mail. Being more aggressive using the Guerrilla tactics I got over a 50% response rate. Your direction and the tactics were definitely the key to success in getting the job of my dreams.”

Tony Delisi, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I had been looking for a job for probably 8 months. I just wasn’t having any success. I had to find a way to do something different. What helped me the most was my Guerrilla Resume. It was an absolute overhaul of my first resume. It just looked completely better. The people that actually hired me liked it a lot. The resume is worth it. The Guerrilla Resume was the total difference maker for me.”

Keith Talbert, Beaumont, Texas

“I got ANOTHER compliment today from a CEO about my Guerrilla Resume. A former co-worker was contacted by a CTO looking for senior marketing people for a stealth mode software startup in San Francisco, and he referred me. The CTO called me, set up a tele-introduction/interview this morning and the first comments out of the CEO’s mouth were how unique and effective my resume format is.”

Mark Olson, Las Vegas, Nevada

Warmest regards,


David Perry, Managing Partner
Perry-Martel International

P.S. — Below is a partial list of media that have covered our “Guerrilla” tactics. The press loves us because our methods are bold and our success stories are real.

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