"Guerrilla Job Search: Commando Tactics"

It’s a fast-paced TV “brain dump” that took 9 hours to film, and a team of 5 engineers and camera operators 17 hours to produce.

Which of these powerful secrets could get you hired?

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll discover...

  • Should you include a picture on your resume? (Answer: Yes! But not a picture of your face.)
  • Should you print your resume in color? (Revealed on the DVD.)
  • How a “cup in a box” can get you a job interview, even when hordes of people are competing against you for advertised positions. It worked for a director-level woman in St. Paul, for a Washington lobbyist, for a woman in California — and it can work for you, too.
  • How can a Guerrilla Resume make employers want to meet you — before they’ve read a single word? Caught on film for the first time ever.
  • How to drop a name at the start of your Guerrilla Cover Letter that immediately gets an employer’s attention.
  • What to do FIRST in your job search. (Get this wrong and no hiring manager or recruiter will return your phone calls. Period.)
  • How getting listed on a recruiter’s favorite web site can get you hired (and it’s not LinkedIn, The Ladders, or any other site you’ve seen advertised). With behind-the-scenes footage and what you must do to take advantage. Best part: It’s free. But you have to do it right, or risk humiliating yourself.
  • Finally! How to *really* prepare for a job interview. You can banish the jitters, walk calmly into almost any hiring manager’s office, and blow them away if you do one simple thing. It lets you set the agenda and take control of the entire conversation. (Revealed on the DVD.)
  • And much more — 74 minutes worth of proven, up-to-date job search secrets.
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Here's What Others Are Saying...

"After reviewing the materials, I was hired 2 weeks later. This achievement in the country's worst unemployment environment would not have happened if it were not for your insights and guidance. Regardless if you are looking for your first professional position after college or a mid-to-senior executive making a career change, [this] is an excellent resource. Thank you!"

Bill McCausland, Novi, Michigan

"You provided fantastic ways to market ourselves to prospective employers. The insights and tips to find jobs are very unique and breathtakingly original."

Brad Viles, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"This morning, I sat down after an interview and watched the first minutes of your video. I'm so sorry I didn't find you guys sooner. Your advice just seems to be right on the money. I'm very excited about putting this stuff to work."

Eliot Axelrod, Bloomington, Minnesota

"I received my package today, and have started going through it. You have provided me with a wealth of information which is clearly worth more than I paid, so I thank you for that."

Andrew Baker, New Jersey

"The information I received was extremely valuable and practical... straightfoward and fantastic advice on how to search for jobs, which is nearly impossible to come by."

Claire Robinson, East Lansing, Michigan

"I saw David Perry speak with Kevin Donlin. [Their] ideas on job searck struck me as both radical and exciting. I was blown away by their insights into executive level job hunting.  I now have more confidence in my search and have quickly expanded my network."

Peter Giblett, Toronto, Ontario

This DVD gives you ALL the ideas you need to get hired today, without paying the $10,000 we charge for our executive outplacement services.

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