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  • 3 ways to let other people sell you to employers -- while you sleep or watch TV.
  • How to use "Guerrilla remote control" to put the employer reading your resume into a GOOD mood. It lets you bypass all spam filters and the HR Department, too. What would that be worth to you?
  • The 8-page document that produced a job offer in 48 hours, after one job seeker sent it via FedEx.
  • How one woman got hired AFTER being turned down for the job she wanted. It cost a total of $3.20. This is a story of hope that you can copy -- today.
  • The 2 words to type into Google that let you add up to 70% of the 55 million people on Linkedin to your network -- in less than 24 hours.
  • The controversial "lingerie" effect of Guerrilla Resumes that gets you hired up to 75% faster than conventional resumes.
  • Why writing a recommendation on Linkedin could get you hired. (It's known by all smart recruiters, but it's never been revealed to the public -- until now.)
  • And much more ...

Beating the odds and getting hired can be easier than you ever imagined, if you apply just a few of these Guerrilla Marketing strategies.

In fact, because so few job seekers know about them, they give you a huge, almost unfair edge.

Below is a partial list of media that have covered our "Guerrilla" tactics. The press loves us because our methods are bold and our success stories are real.

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