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“Guerrilla Job Search Warfare is Unconventional Warfare”

The Guerrilla Job Seekers boot camp is no walk in the park by any stretch of the imagination. The camp is at least a 40 hour per week job. If you enroll in the Mark Haluska and David Perry job seeker boot camp and you want to golf 36 holes of golf per week, you won’t be able to keep up with your class work. The same holds true for those with a busy social life or have an unsupportive significant other.

This course is only for the most serious of job hunters who will do whatever it reasonably takes to land a new job.

Guerrilla Warfare is Unconventional Warfare – highly effective and targeted. Because the guerrilla job hunting process you will learn is also unconventional, your friends and family will think you are crazy when you tell them what you are learning. But remember – job hunters come to the Guerrilla Job Seekers boot camp when conventional job search strategies don’t work. This stuff works.

It is Mark (Haluska’s) job to guide you through the Guerrilla tactics you need to know in order to separate yourself and your value proposition from everyone else’s. He also explains the rationale behind each tactic and WHY you are doing the class assignments you will be responsible to carry out.

When you understand the WHY, it all comes together and makes more sense as you progress in the course. Equally it is his responsibility to hold all participants accountable for their weekly progress.

If you are fortunate enough to have Mark as your Guerrilla Coach, you’ll find that he is always respectful, tries to make the class fun yet informative but is also demanding in an effort to help ensure that you are making progress each week.

I have recommended Mark and guerrilla training to others that I personally know because he is very affable and wants nothing more than to help you succeed. So Mark will push at times. When all is said and done though, you’ll be glad that he did.

Greg Nordhougen
Greg Nordhougen Monterey, CA

“My last job search took 3 years – and then I met Mark Haluska!“

I learned of Mark Haluska from the book “Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters;” Mark is the Senior Certified Guerrilla Job Search Coach for North America. After reading and implementing many of the techniques in the book, I felt having the extra support to push me outside my comfort zone was paramount to my success. After only being in my last position for 1 year, I was devastated to be back on the job market after a corporate downsizing.  My last job search lasted 3 years and, although I was able to support myself through IT consulting work, it was a difficult time. I was determined to get back to work within 6 months and I knew the investment of a Guerilla job-search coach would be priceless. I was right!

When I first joined the Guerrilla program, my friends and family had their doubts; my financial resources were tight and they did not see the coaching as a good use of money. However, after reading the book, I knew the Guerilla team had the know-how and experience to get things done – meaning my time on the job market would be considerably shortened. I had several legitimate offers while being in the program.

As for my actual experience in working with Mark in the job-seekers program, I have bulleted the highlights for easy review:

1) Mark always makes time for his clients. Even if he’s not immediately available, he will call you back.

2) VERY good listener.  As job searchers, we experience the highs along with the lows. It’s a stressful time and Mark is someone that understands this. Whenever I would feel especially down, he would remind me of the many things I can control– which, primarily, was to continuously take actions that build my job pipeline. His advice; when feeling down and out, send another “Trojan Horse” email. It works!

3) Motivates job-searchers to take action.  The way to find a job is to actively pursue the jobs or companies you want. He motivates his clients to keep busy, but not in useless job-search tactics that are basically a waste of time. He shows his clients how to work smart and make valuable use of their time.

4) Accountability. Mark takes a personal stake in each client he works with and holds them accountable to do what it takes to get a job. In fact, he takes such a personal interest that he often jokes that he takes his clients to bed with him as he’s ALWAYS thinking “How can I help this person find a job?” He does not fool around and, if he feels you’re not holding up to your end of the agreement, he calls you on it. Just get it done!

5) Creative Approach – Mark will blow your mind with his job-search tactics.  Employers will be so impressed with your creative approach to the job-search they will want to learn more about you. Even if your skill set is not an ideal match for what they may initially be looking for, they will still want to meet you.

6) Interview Coaching – Once you get the interview, Mark teaches you how to stand-out from the other candidates and how to effectively follow-up after the interview.

7) Written Communications – Mark teaches you how to say what you want to say in a clear concise manner. No flowery BS in cover letters or subsequent follow-ups after interviews. He makes sure you get to the point with as few words as possible.  Mark excels at keeping correspondence to the point; messaging is clear and impactful.

Utilizing the expertise of Mark was a definite game changer for me. My only contention is that I wish I had found him sooner.

I am grateful for both Dave Perry and Mark Haluska and the sincerity behind their Guerilla Job Search tactics; they truly want to help people. Thank you both.

Janelle M. Brooklyn, NY

“The $64,000 question landed me my DREAM Job!”

Looking back, I never thought the Guerrilla Job Seekers program would work for me the way it in reality did. I could not believe that I would be able to access this “hidden job market” everyone talks about and be able to not only find my dream job but actually come away from my layoff with the tools needed to be able to look after my career for the rest of my professional life. After all, I had read every article and several books on networking and using informational meetings to get in to see hiring managers and none of them have produced any results.

I saw the problem being a lack of real tactics and workable strategies to get into seeing the hiring managers and even if you do have knowledge of these tactics, I needed a coach I could work with to keep me on track.

That’s when I called Mark Haluska.

Wanting to help people isn’t just a mission statement for Mark, it’s a heartfelt value that he has demonstrated time and again.  When I lost my job, I don’t need to say that I was in a very bad place. Mark was able to drag me out of that dark place to empower me to not only find the job that I found but to find a job that has been “created” for me.  That’s right!  The job did not exist prior to my meeting with my now new employer. The position had been filled three months prior to my meeting with the company. Incredibly, after my second meeting with the hiring manager, he said the following to me: “I don’t know what I want you for yet, but I know I want you working here.”  He then invited me to share with him what my ideal job looked like and he created the position for me!

Mark thrives on challenges, especially when his every instinct tells him you can succeed. He will fight for you to be everything you can be professionally. I was in my comfort zone and really wasn’t ready to leave it. First challenge: I didn’t want to use a proven job search tactic as I found it to be a little uncomfortable for me so I flat out refused to try it. After several futile attempts to get me to do what i needed to do, he threatened to return my tuition and kick me out of the boot camp! You see for Mark success is not the money, but how well you do, that determines his success.

Well, needless to say I did what I was told and just this one tactic alone (there are so many) landed me my dream job and has taken me out of my comfort zone for good. I now know that no matter what the future brings I will face it with optimism and confidence because I have the tools to succeed.

Next came the interview prep, I remember telling Mark that it has been a while since I last looked for work, but I was confident about one thing, I could interview well… I was always very good at it and frankly I thought I would ace the interview prep. Not only was I not prepared, I failed miserably and we have the proof on tape!

Over the next week, Mark worked with me to get me up to speed and I not only was prepared but aced the interview with his $64,000 interview question! I remember how adamant Mark was that I not leave the interview without asking this question. The reaction to that one question put me over the top.  Mark’s commitment to this process alone was tireless.  Some of our meetings were scheduled at 5:00 AM due to his busy schedule so we had enough time to clear up the train wreck that was my first rehearsal interview!

The results were dramatic. I still play the two versions of my interview today because I still can’t believe that something I thought I was able to do so well would have cost me my dream job had I not received the coaching I did from Mark.

In closing, this boot camp has been the best decision I’ve ever made for my career and I’ve paid for many coaches over the years. This is the only program with actual strategies you can use to get you the job you want in the shortest possible time.

I will be forever grateful to Mark for helping turn my life around and for believing in me when I was at my worst. His faith in my abilities and patience for all of my resistance to the advice is, in my opinion, is what makes him an exceptional coach.  There is indeed a hidden job market out there but it’s like this “A” list party you always hear about but can never get invited to. Well I’m living proof that you can get it.

You just have to call Mark Haluska for the invites and the only price of admission will be the effort you put into the camp.

Elsa Tortella
Elsa Tortella Toronto, Canada

“Wife now believes!”

When my husband Clark told me he was signing up for a “boot camp” to help him find a job I was skeptical. ‘Another person who just wants your money and doesn’t give you anything in return’ was my first thought. We had been through that the last time he lost his job. It seems like there are a lot of people out there waiting to prey upon unemployed professionals.

To ease my fears, Clark told me that Mark Haluska was going to call me (I was in another state at the time). I was surprised but still skeptical. In a matter of minutes the phone rang. Mark explained everything about the boot camp and had convinced me that it would be the best thing for my husband.

The boot camp went well. One thing that I really appreciated about it was that it kept Clark accountable to work diligently each day on job hunting. Iʼm sure it can get daunting at times, but with the boot camp assignments you know exactly what to do each day.

So many of the assignments are things we never thought to do. Mark’s strategies are truly unique and make the applicants stand out from the others.

But I saved the best for last. What really impresses me most about Mark and this program is how he really cares about his students. They have scheduled meetings twice a week, but during the week Mark has been there any time my husband had a question or needed a document reviewed.

Yesterday he finally got a job. A great part of that was due to Marks coaching just before the interviews he had that week. It’s wonderful to know that there is a professional that you can call before heading off to an interview, as each one has its unique circumstances and there really isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula.

After calling Mark to tell him of his success, Mark called him right back and celebrated right along with Clark. That personal interaction means a lot. Mark started out as a coach and now seems more like a friend.

As a wife, I highly recommend this program. I know you’ll receive the same personalized attention and care all the way through the job-hunting process. We were even told that Markʼs services extend past that of the boot camp dates. Heʼs there for you until you find a job. You really canʼt get a better deal than that anywhere else.

Thanks so much Mark!

Barbara Finnical
Barbara Finnical St. Petersburg, FL

“Haluska is a World Class Job Seekers Coach”

I was extremely unhappy at my now former employer. I desperately needed a drastic change in my career. That is why I picked-up a copy of David Perry’s book, “Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0″. That is where I read about his colleague, Mark J. Haluska, contributing co-author of this job seekers’ book. So I called Mark. To my amazement, he actually answers his own office phone!

One thing about Mark is that he has the experience and knowledge to back what he is saying about the Guerrilla advice he gives. No matter what I was enduring, he had heard it all before and then some. Trust Mark and listen to what he says. He has been the calm in a sea of chaos and change always encouraging me to go for what I want, be patient and not give up.

I don’t think I have ever worked so hard to get a job in my life once I started listening to Mark, nor have I had the types of job interviews that began to come my after working with Mark. In the end, I doubled my salary with potential for even higher earnings and am working with a solid company with a good reputation.

I couldn’t have done this without Mark Haluska. My resume gets more compliments than I had ever imagined and his Guerrilla job hunting techniques definitely pushed me beyond my comfort zones at times.

Just like exercising, when we consistently get pushed beyond our comfort zone, that’s where the change happens. In the market of job searching, working with Mark is like working with a world class Olympic coach who will train you to win the gold. He is a world class expert in his field and will guide you to accomplish your job search or career goals.

Not only do I have a better job from all of this, but I have grown professionally and personally. I highly recommend Mark Haluska if you want to take your career and your professional presence to the next level. He will steer you in the right direction. He cares about his clients and it shows in his work, the wisdom he shares, and the time he takes to work with you.

Without a doubt I can say that Mark is an expert in navigating the job market and helping the jobless or unhappy employee (like I was) develop themselves to go for what they want.

Cassandra Dean
Cassandra Dean Fort Collins, CO

“Mark Haluska knows how to change the game!”

If you’re looking to take your career to the next level then you need to be talking to Mark. Never have I seen such innovative and creative processes for getting in front of the people you want to see.

Even though we were in different time zones Mark made a point to work with me during times that were always convenient for me. His approach completely revolutionized the way I thought about approaching a job. He knows how to change the game and I can guarantee that the investment is worth every penny.

Daniel Walker-Rice
Daniel Walker-Rice Los Angeles, CA

“New job in 22 days!”

I would have very much liked to have taken the entire 10 week Guerrilla Job Seekers Boot Camp but that won’t be possible because after only 22 days in the camp I landed a new gig. Therefore I “graduated” from the course 7 weeks early. On the upside, I’m working again and that is good news at the O’Donnell household.

Mark Haluska from Pittsburgh, PA was my Guerrilla instructor and I must say that those 22 days rank up there as the busiest I’ve ever had in my professional life. The course is non-stop work.

Odd as it may seem to some, it’s always been (and remains) my desire to be a “career contract” employee as I enjoy the challenge of “emergency parachuting” into corporate forest fires, solving their most pressing IT issues and then walking away a hero. I must say though that even in the world of “contact employment,” it has its challenges with corporate offshoring. That is one of the reasons I’ve worked with Mr. Haluska not once but twice.

I landed a new position both times and I would not hesitate to return to Mark should I need these services again! In my mind that is no accident.

Lastly thanks to David Perry, author “Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters” because otherwise I would not have ever known about Mark Haluska, a contributing co-author for these job hunting books.

Peter O’Donnell, BSc, PMP, CTFL
Peter O’Donnell, BSc, PMP, CTFL Markham, Ontario, Canada

"I’m proud to be number 21,713!"

I was out of work for many months. The number 21,713 was not a prisoner number assigned to me at a penitentiary while unemployed all those months; it represents the number of successful job seekers that Guerrilla Team Mark J. Haluska and David Perry has helped through the years.

Mark Haluska was my 10 week boot camp instructor. He is more than a job search coach; he is an individual who really cares about you. He worked to teach me techniques I never dreamed of using in order to find a job. Admittedly, some of these techniques I did not feel at ease. In fact it was an uncomfortable approach I learned in Week 2 / Day 5 of the course that eventually helped produce my new job.

Before joining the Guerrilla Boot Camp, I was using traditional job search techniques and those techniques got me nowhere. I’m frugal by nature but after learning of the success that Mark and David has had with others made joining their boot camp a relatively easy decision for me.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the Guerrilla Job Seekers software which was designed solely for this course! It keeps your private job search and personal information local, which is essential to those worried about privacy. It’s intuitive, helps you gauge your class progress every day and it is easy to use.

One thing that needled at me (before joining the boot camp) was the fact that I’m over 50 and I believe that age discrimination does exist in today’s workplace. Once the course started, I simply did not have the time to worry about ageism (again) as I was too involved in the class work and Guerrilla conference calls to let it bother me again. My confidence, though cautiously, grew with each passing week.

What is amazing is that it is not just one thing Mark teaches you, but it is an amalgamation of things I learned that produces results. He calls this the force multiplier effect. Thanks to these proven tactics, I was able to land a job in a much shorter time with better pay than I previously had. My new job will allow me to leverage my current skillset in a new area that will help me grow even at this stage of my career.

The things I learned from Mark will carry forward helping me in my new job. When unemployed and looking for a job, you can become discouraged. But with Mark discouragement is not an option. He is very optimistic and confident you will find a job if you carry out the proven Guerrilla style tactics he teaches you. He provides a can do attitude. Thanks to things learned, I was one of the top 5% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012: thus providing me great marketing exposure.

Mark is a true drill instructor who prepares you for finding your dream job. When you are truly ready to get busy, buckle down and get serious about finding your next job, I would recommend contacting Mark Haluska, a true Certified Guerrilla Job Search Coach and Boot Camp Instructor.

p.s. I would have liked to have been 21, 712 but another Stanford Grad beat me by 5 days.

Robert Cubbage
Robert Cubbage Allen, Texas

"From hopelessly dead-ended to a new job!"

I was working in a position where I felt hopelessly dead ended. Miserable at work, it was taking a real toll on me personally and professionally. I needed to find a way out yet keep my job search strictly confidential. A year of a traditional job search has passed without any results. It is around that time that I read about Mark Haluska from Pittsburgh, PA; and the successes he’s had assisting other experienced and educated professionals throughout the US, Canada and other countries as well. I called and Mark agreed to work with me. Both of us had to put a lot of efforts and hours on the phone discussing every step of the process to help me achieve my career goal.

I’ll be starting my new CPA position in just a few weeks! I feel totally rejuvenated and excited as I’ll finally have the opportunity to take my career to the next level, at a new location, and tackle fresh challenges I’ve so greatly sought.

I’ve recently told Mark on the phone that I don’t know how I could have turned my situation into such a success without his patience and expertise. In addition, I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons in communication, which would continue benefiting my career.

Should you decide to work with him; you’ll learn and execute tactics while personally working with him that were never written about even in the Guerrilla Job Seeker series of books or in their blog postings. You would be challenged and Mark is a great task master, but it is well worth it at the end.

Mark is there any chance you’ll have time to work with my (Engineer) husband?

Valentina Manin
Valentina Manin San Antonio, Texas

"Mission accomplished after ONLY 27 DAYS!"

This could go on forever; however I will only give you highlights. I am currently in transition out of the United States Army after 22 wonderful years. I started attending TAPs classes through the Army Career Alumni Program at Fort Drum in July 2011 (a year before transition) with no results. I then hired a company to write my resume and I am not even using that one as it turned out to be ineffective.

Also, before taking the 10 week Guerrilla Job Seekers Boot Camp, I applied for 76 jobs, sent out 74 holiday Cards to a target audience, 249 postcards on March 27th, 284 postcards on April 27th, not to mention numerous phone calls, e-mails, thank you letters, cards, and notes. I also had business cards made and grew my LinkedIn network from zero to over 1,200 at great expense.

Considering I took the Army’s TAPS classes and then hired a certified professional resume writer, plus sending all of those holiday cards, post cards, countless emails and making phone calls; not to mention all of that time and effort …in sum, they netted me a total of ZERO offers.

Well, on June 2, 2012 all of that changed. The significant change is the direct result of working with Mark J. Haluska, my Senior Certified Guerrilla coach and enrolling in the 10 week Guerrilla Job Seekers Boot Camp – and within 27 days, and yes, you read that correctly – 27 days, I had 2 offers and a lot of positive comments on my NEW Guerrilla resume. There was a 2 week wait before starting in my new position and in that time I received 3 additional offers!!!

In closing and most importantly I also learned that a resume in-and-of-itself simply isn’t sufficient to land a new job. That is where the one-on-one the strategy sessions, scheduled / unscheduled conference calls and last but not least the interview preparation time I spent with Mark came into play; ultimately taking me over the top.

Carl Berg
Carl Berg Irmo, South Carolina

"Haluska is a Career Consulting Ninja!"

Mark Haluska is an incredible advisor. From the first moment I spoke with him he went above and beyond what I expected… Around this time I applied for a job and got an email two days later about setting up an interview. Mark helped me prepare for this interview… and it was fantastic. I was immediately asked to do a phone interview with senior management and Mark spent two hours helping me prepare. In fact, we over prepared!

The interview went great and I was offered the job the next day! Mark went above and beyond… I just landed my dream job! I couldn’t be happier. Mr. Haluska helped me land a job in a city I adore, working for a great company doing innovative work and for twice as much as I was getting paid before!

I’ve never met anyone more committed to his clients—he acted as if the job search was his own. He was completely invested in my success. After every phone conversation I was always impressed by what he taught me and I will remember his advice and strategies for years to come.

Even though Mark works 14+ hours a day I always felt like he had time for me. He always made me feel like I was his number one priority. I highly recommend Mark. Haluska. He is a pleasure to work with, is intelligent, savvy and a genuine leader.

I can’t imagine applying for jobs without his help. Mark is a career consulting ninja and anyone who gets to work with him is incredibly lucky!

Lindsey Howshaw
Lindsey Howshaw San Franscisco, CA

"Really was amused by your approach – most original I ever received!"

Mark is the most creative recruitment consultant I ever met in my life. He turned my resume from darken ashes to a sunshine guerrilla resume…Mark Haluska cares about the quality of service he provides to you. We spent a great deal of time going back and forth working together on my resume and the strategies I would use in targeting the decision makers.

He is a truly Guerrilla Job Search Coach, very creative and, instead of speaking about Mark, I will mention one of the responses I received from CMO & COO of one of the top 5 Multinational Technology Companies in the World:

“Thanks for sending me your very nice open application letter + coffee. Really was amused by your approach – most original I ever received, and yes, let’s have this coffee. I would love to connect somewhere 2nd week of June if that works for you. Can you let me know some dates that will work for you? And send me your resume in a digital format – I want to share it with some of my colleagues across MEA.”

I definitely recommend Mark Haluska for any job seekers seeking unconventional creative ways to reach decision makers and land their dream job.

Mohammed Magdy
Mohammed Magdy Cairo, Egypt

"Two job offers within three weeks!"

I wholly endorse Mark Haluska and the 10 Week Guerrilla Job Seekers Boot Camp. Within 3 weeks of working with him I received two job offers!

My former employer offered to pay for my outplacement training provided by a large, nationally known firm. They teach the traditional job search methods and that was not for me.

It’s simply too competitive out there now days and therefore I chose to go Guerrilla instead. The Guerrilla  proprietary job seekers software, course materials, twice weekly conference calls and especially Mark’s pre-interview coaching was priceless.

Alexandra Morehouse
Alexandra Morehouse San Francisco, CA

"It’s great to be a Guerrilla!"

In large part and thanks to Mark I’m now employed for a very large financial institution working on an exciting high priority world-wide IT project. That is just “one” of the many, many benefits of working with Mark Haluska. He’s the complete Guerrilla Job Coach. When you are part of the 10 week Guerrilla Job Seekers Program; he will teach you a multitude of Guerrilla tactics to help you succeed in your job search.

What impressed me the most is that he will (also) actually reach out to his many corporate connections and, if deserving, put his own reputation on the line to help you get in touch with company decision-makers where he can. Mark did it for me and I got the job. I started last week.

Life is good again and I intend to make the most of it.

Thanks for everything Mark!

Jon Smorada Pittsburgh, PA

"I made it! I’m now an OFFICIAL Guerrilla!"

I’ve finally graduated from the Guerrilla Job Seekers Boot Camp. Mark Haluska, the only “Senior” Certified Guerrilla Job Search Coach for all of North America, was my coach, instructor and mentor for this incredible Guerrilla boot camp.

When I started the course, little did I know the paths it would lead me to… to make a long story short, I interviewed yesterday and, after just that one interview, was offered the position a few hours later. When I shared the news with Mark, even he was stunned at how fast the offer was tendered. Not bad for someone whose mission was to be a career changer at this stage in my working life.

The real key to success was working with Mark to develop a unique resume that actually helped me stand out for this opportunity. His one-on-one coaching really clarified the concepts in the books that matched my expertise. Plus, he taught me how to effectively utilize Guerrilla Job Seeker techniques not covered in the book.

For example, Mr. Haluska taught me how to get into a $2,000, three-day industry insiders convention that I couldn’t afford. Using a technique Mark taught me, I was able to attend the conference (including meals) – all for free!

The Guerrilla job seeker books are fantastic but NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, can come close to the one-on-one Guerrilla Coaching and “individual” attention you receive in the 10-week job seekers course. If you have not seriously given this boot camp all due thought, you really should and talk with Mark.

I’m very pleased and want to extend many, many thanks to Mr. Haluska.

Jean George Winter Garden, FL

"Finally going to be able to enjoy a true work/life balance!"

Mark, thank you so much for your great work, support, and patience during my job search. You came very highly recommended. I describe your time and expertise as “Top notch”.

I was pleasantly surprised at the level of your support be it day, evenings and even weekends to help me navigate my job search process. Your counseling and Guerrilla knowledge instilled the confidence in me that I needed on my end to push forward in my career.

I recently accepted a new Engineering position offered with a terrific compensation package, a much shorter commute, far less hours at the office and now I’m finally going to be able to enjoy a true work/life balance.

Best of luck with “Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0” and if you are ever in Toronto I would like to meet you in person.

Arash Vakily
Arash Vakily Engineer – Toronto, Canada

"Interviewed less than a week after submitting my resume!"

As I write this, the economy is in the tank. Prior to being unemployed, I had already “heard of” Mark Haluska through other people’s success with him. Haluska came highly recommended from other professionals that I implicitly trust so I called him when I lost my position.

Under Mark’s guidance, I targeted an employer I was interested in working for. I then used the Guerrilla strategies Mark personally taught me. “In Less than a week,” after submitting my resume under Mark’s close supervision and counsel, I received a call from the organization’s CFO for an interview.

Call it luck, or call it Guerrilla preparation under Mark’s direction. But the point remains that with a bloated populace of millions of job seekers vying to get an employer’s attention, and then in fact getting a call from a genuine decision maker that fast is almost unheard of in this day and age.

Tony Mazzeo
Tony Mazzeo Cleveland, OH

"I am Living Proof!"

I lost my job May of 2010. After 5 months of working my job search the same ways I had done in years past, I really started to think aRob Branden job offer would never come my way. I tried everything but to no avail. I decided to call Mark Haluska. Being aged 50 likely was a strike against me but under Mark’s close direction and the 10 week Guerrilla Job Seekers coaching program (boot camp) it unquestionably took me over the top.

Mark showed me a highly unconventional method that (he claimed) would get me “front of line interview privileges” and employers would actually “call me.”  I was game but also skeptical.   What sticks in my mind are Mark’s comments that if I wasn’t uncomfortable (at first) in following these tactics, then I was doing something wrong!  Then, moments later I became apprehensive and began to think maybe he was a bit crazy because; he also said I would NOT be using a resume (not even a Guerrilla Resume) as an initial means to get invited to an interview.  Companies actually did call me just as Mark said they would!

Another key task during my boot camp was the “career clarity” objective. Mark was right there with me in helping me to determine / define what that was for me.  Again, I thought he was sorta crazy, so “initially” I went with what my previous job / recent accumulated skills had developed even though that particular occupation did not excite me.  Fortunately my job search results using this tactic kept me busy but did not allow me to hit pay dirt. As it turns out,  Mark’s initial assessment of me was dead on right from the very  beginning. So, with some additional tweaking and fine tuning I came up with something more exciting to me, which in turn led to many more “hits,” subsequently reaching that illusive job target!

Just weeks after using this uncanny tactic, I was offered a new position. This untraditional method “does” work and I am living proof.  I start my new job May 16, 2011 as a Territory Manager for an exciting company.  Now I have a new gig, had a great Guerrilla instructor, made a new good friend and professional advisor in Mark Haluska. I am very excited about my future and more specifically I really feel as though this will be the perfect company, the perfect job that suits me, with potential compensation that I could not have imagined when I started this boot camp.

I highly recommend the Guerrilla Job Seekers coaching program to anyone struggling with their current job search.  The old methods simply do not work unless maybe you’re just starting your career.  For those of us with more advanced skills however, this is where you need to be… it’s a long road, but you’ll learn a lot about yourself.  It’s also important to forget what you think you know about the job market and embrace these tactics, put your head down, dig in, and get ready, they work!

Rob Brandenburg
Rob Brandenburg Orlando, FL

"A Personal Touch"

Mark was my ‘guerrilla’ job coach at a time when I really needed professional help to get my career back on track. He conducted a course that taught me how to find career opportunities, and create opportunities where none existed or were otherwise unknown (“hidden”) to the general public. Then, Mark showed me what to do to pursue those opportunities and present myself as a winning candidate who stood apart from the crowd.

The benefit of the course was that it was not merely informative on paper, but it was also practical with directives for implementation (e.g. daily “tasks”), and was backed by Mark’s ever-ready availability (via telephone and internet) to provide tutelage, and to give me one-on-one counseling when the need arose.

Mark was ALWAYS there for me and stood by my side until I ultimately found success.  He generously gave me his time and wisdom – a priceless value far exceeding the cost of the course.

During my work with Mark, I discovered what “job search coaching” truly means. It’s not just a lesson plan taught by someone – it’s a personal touch that addresses the client’s specific and unique needs – both professionally and emotionally during a time of high stress.

Mark is a special person with the skills, knowledge, abilities and HEART to help you achieve your goals when you know what they are, but just don’t quite know how to accomplish them. During the time I spent with Mark, I learned how to achieve those goals myself and also made a wonderful friend along the way.

I am forever indebted.

Elyce Schweitzer
Elyce Schweitzer Attorney at Law, P.L. - Lake Mary, FL

"Landed a job after being out of work for a year!"

I “was” out of work for more than a year. While unemployed, I finally came to the realization that I urgently needed “something” or “someone” to help me revitalize my job search efforts.  I heard about Mark Haluska on a job seeker related blog and I decided to contact him.

Mark is a highly dedicated (job seeker) boot camp coach. He took a personal interest in me; just as he did with all the other people in the class. He just has this uncanny way of bringing out the best in people, when you take (and then put-to-use) his coaching advice. As a result, the course taught me to be proactive and take “real control” of my job search; and ultimately my own future!

I was very skeptical at first because there is of course an investment in the course, and there are a lot of “so-called” job coaches out there.

Take it from me, the Guerrilla Job Seekers 10 week coaching program is the real deal, and so is Mr. Guerrilla—Mark Haluska.

Mark Stewart
Mark Stewart Pittsburgh, PA

"Crazy 2 Months!"

The past 2 months have been crazy…here is the good news! I got a job offer with GE Healthcare…I was very interested in their Corporate Finance role and am looking forward to being a part of that company. The hiring committee was very impressed with my resume and experience. I had applied for a position on their website using the Guerrilla resume.

I am emailing you to thank you for all the support/encouragement and your efforts on my resume without which–I would not be here.

Best Regards!

Geetha Ramachandran
Geetha Ramachandran Jersey City, NJ

"My resume and cover letters are a bases-loaded Gram Slam!"

I’m an IT professional. How can an IT professionals resume and cover letter look like gold and grab an employer’s attention? My wife and I are simply amazed at what Mark did for me.

Then there was the one-on-one job seeker consulting he provided which was priceless and very necessary.  My resume and cover letters are a bases-loaded Gram Slam!

Barry Cohen
Barry Cohen New City, NY

"As a Guerrilla Job Seeker, I had an 80% success rate with my resume!"

It gets better and much more rewarding than that, but let’s start at the beginning.

I had been working in the financial services industry since 1981.  Having achieved senior executive level status, the corporation I worked for (a very well-known global financial services organization) let me go after more than 20 years of service.  To be fair to all parties concerned, when I left my last employer, it was actually more of a mutual parting of the ways.   None-the-less there I was, unemployed for the first time in my life and in my 50’s and not sure what I was going to do. Because we have been living in the worst employment market period since the great depression of the 1930’s, I knew competition for any job at my level would be stiff and wondered “Who will hire someone at my age?” and “Will I have to sell my home and move away from family and friends?”

My former employer did offer to send me through a pricey nationally known outplacement service as part of my severance package. So at least at the outset, it offered me some level optimism.  I attended the seminars, met with my job counselor and so-forth since it was on my (now) former company’s dime. It was my belief that the price was right and what could it hurt?

I will say that the people at the outplacement company certainly were nice enough, but I can’t say they really taught me anything new.  Essentially what I walked away with was a new resume (that I had to correct) and (was) given a list of all the local Pittsburgh area executive recruiters to contact should I opt to. That pretty much sums up my experience with that high visibility outplacement organization my former employer uses.  That money could have been put to better use; like putting it in my pocket to provide a financial buffer while I conducted a job search in these challenging times.

Fast forward a full year and then some.  By this time I had sent out literally hundreds of resumes. The net result? I was no further ahead in my job search than I was a year earlier.  Much to my disappointment, companies simply were not acknowledging receipt of my resume; I wasn’t getting interviews so it was obvious to me that a job offer certainly was not in the cards any time soon.

Thanksgiving weekend was now on the horizon and my wife and I agreed that if I were not employed by that time, we would sit down and have a family discussion. The holiday weekend comes and I’m still unemployed. As agreed we had our family gathering to discuss my career situation and what I need to do next.  During that meeting my wife said, “Steve you are very good at what you do, but you are not very good at marketing yourself in this economy. You need to find some professional help.”

Not long after the Thanksgiving holiday, I found myself reading career search related blog articles written by Mark Haluska, a Certified Guerrilla Job Search Coach and a co-author of the international bestselling “Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0” book. I’d never heard of him prior, but the job search advice in his articles surely resonated with me. I checked Mark’s credentials as an Executive Recruiter and as a Guerrilla Coach, as well as his close business alliance with David Perry and Kevin Donlin.  Satisfied with my findings, I concluded that Mark would almost certainly be a worthy job search mentor.

At that time I was also in the preliminary talking stages with another career coach as a possible person to help me get back to work, but Haluska’s career search articles really piqued my curiosity.  It was then that I took what would be my first Guerrilla step and called Mark regarding the 10 week Guerrilla Job Search program.

In my first phone discussion with Mark he said that should he agree to bring me on as a client I would have to first commit to diligently work the Guerrilla Job Search course on a full time basis. That’s 40 hours a week. Upon reflection, the course was not only fast and furious but it was also out and out grueling at times. Not once did I ever have to wonder what I would need to do next to find a new job because between having a direct line to my coach whenever I needed him, the regularly scheduled phone conference calls, the Guerrilla software and  my weekly lesson plans; it was all laid out for me.

Secondly, Mark told me that because of my rather conservative career background in financial services, and my senior level (to) be prepared to do things that will make me feel somewhat “uncomfortable” at times. Lastly, he advised me to feel free to ask any questions I wanted about the tips and tricks I’ll be learning as we go, but ultimately I’ll be required to execute those tactics in order to remain in the program.

By this time it was becoming abundantly clear to me that this guy was going to be more like a drill sergeant than what I would have envisioned an executive coach to be like; so much for preconceived notions. That said, everything else I had tried to do for more than a year to find a new position was not working for me. I needed to get back to work!  As a result, I agreed to Mark’s terms and with that, I started the course with Mr. Haluska as my Guerrilla coach about a week later.

While I was enrolled in the Guerrilla Job Seekers course I was challenged nearly every day to do things one would not normally do as a job seeker.  At the same time though, I knew I was doing things that my competition (for a new job) was not doing. What is more, in order to remain in good standing in this program I simply had to execute my assignments.  On occasion I would call Mark to express some concern about what he was asking me to do. I knew he did not want to hear it but I called him out anyway just to let him know my feelings. As tough as Mark was as my job search mentor he would somewhat soften up and in a most confident and convincing way say; “Steve, because the herd (of job seekers) is heading north… I’m sending you south. It’s all good.”

Speaking of being required to do things out of the ordinary, I recall while enrolled in the course, sharing with my family the unusual tactics that I was being coached through to find a job.  At one point, my daughter, a very highly educated and accomplished person in the medical profession said to me, “Dad that stuff is just too bizarre, those things won’t work!” I can laugh at about that now but at the time, it did cross my mind that she may be right!

Fast forward to the 4th week of the course; it was then I received my first unofficial job offer.  By that time I had sent out only 10 (well targeted) resumes and by the course standards I was actually falling behind. It was then though that (I) surprisingly started to get action as I spent the next week (plus) literally getting worn out as a result of all of the resume activity I was getting with in-person interviews and phone screenings.  Out of the 10 resumes I sent, I received 8 responses from actual hiring authorities!

By the 5th week of Guerrilla coaching, I was offered a couple of more positions. At the beginning of the 6th week with competing job offers in hand, I finally accepted a lucrative offer from an employer that not only met all of my expectations but exceeded them as it turned out to be a great fit for me. I’m now a Senior Vice President with and great organization. I believe that without the Guerrilla Job Search program and having my coach as a mentor, especially after being unemployed for so long, it may not have ever happened.

I’d like to express my thanks to coach Mark Haluska and the entire Guerrilla Team. Not only did I get a job faster that I could have ever realistically expected, but this experience has made me an even better senior level executive.

[David and Mark's Note: There some interesting twists to Steve’s job hunt journey that would be of interest to a serious job seeker and should be on your “must view” list. For example, watch as Mark talked Steve out of actually turning down a solid job opportunity that he really wanted or as Steve shares his story as to how he achieved an 80% resume success rate… and a whole lot more!  Tune in as Steve talks about his Guerrilla Coaching experience as he sits down with Kevin Donlin, co-creator of Guerrilla Job Search International and Guerrilla Coach Mark Haluska to share his success story with others. There are two separate videos.

The first video is titled, “80% Interview Success Rate for Guerrilla Resume!” and the second video is titled, “Guerrilla Job Search Coaching: Shock and Awe!”   Enjoy!]

Stephen Cobain
Stephen Cobain Pittsburgh, PA

"What I appreciate most, was that he was there when I needed him!"

I was out of work for ten months. Like millions of others who have found themselves unemployed, I relied on all of the “generally accepted” methods people learn when reading traditional job hunting books and blogs or by attending job related career seminars.

With the clock ticking and having a family to support, not to mention the competition being stiffer than ever, I finally came to grips with the fact that my job search plan of action needed a whole new direction.

As a result, I took the chance, bit the bullet joined and Mark and his colleagues by enrolling in their “Guerrilla Job Seekers Boot Camp.”

In the last 2 weeks I sent barely more than a handful of resumes. Under Mark [Haluska]’s close boot camp tutelage, I am now officially employed again. I have a great new employer with a great title and at a company offering me the professional growth and financial potential that I could only have dreamed of before.

Out of the literally the dozens of job search tactics I was learning to use, Mark was with me every step of the way. What I appreciate most, was that he was there when I needed him–last Sunday evening of all things; when he took his personal time to help me with strategies on how best to negotiate my compensation and on how to close (my now new) employer!

Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas Phoenix, AZ

“After 7 months of frustration, hired in only 7 weeks!”

If you’re wondering if Guerrilla Marketing works, I am here to say it does! In February, I was laid off from my job of 11 years in advertising. When the big three took a dive here in Detroit, so did the automotive print business. I knew the job market was going to be tough, but thought with my advertising/marketing background, I would be able to brand myself in some way and land a job without any problems.

I made cards to pass out, attended networking groups, and even developed my own website. I worked hard networking and put numerous hours in on the computer sending out resumes. I did more than most and thought I would have some success, but this job market turned out to be a tough one, they were getting 800-1000 resumes every job I applied for. Here I was, seven months later I had not had one interview!

I was starting to get frustrated and a little depressed until I had gotten this email from a networking friend … about a boot camp. I decided to sign up. Though, I was a little hesitant to put out the money, I can now say it was worth every penny of it!

I first wrote my Guerrilla Resume, then sent it out in a Starbuck’s coffee cup asking to meet for coffee and I put it in a box and shipped it out by FedEx. Before I could make my follow-up call, they called me to tell me how clever it was and an interview was set up. I got a second interview with the EVP… and a few days later, I heard back from them and got the job offer!

I did it in 7 weeks with the tactics I learned. The traditional way of job searching is gone, and the sooner you learn what works, the sooner you’ll find the job you’re looking for!

Mary Berman
Mary Berman Farmington Hills, Michigan

"The only regret I had was not engaging him IMMEDIATELY upon becoming unemployed!"

With great pleasure and gratitude, I highly recommend Mark Haluska and his “Guerrilla” job seeking coaching skills. I was laid off from a senior-level position due to economy-driven downsizing and subsequent elimination of a department.

Having purchased and previously read the book “Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters,” I created a Guerrilla resume and read all of the book’s Guerrilla job hunting tactics. At that point, I thought I had the perfect combination of resume and approach. In addition to my personal job hunt, I spent considerable time coaching other friends, individuals and groups to assist them with their job hunts.

Seven months later, after a highly disappointing job hunt, an acquaintance shared the great job-hunting success they enjoyed after attending a “Guerrilla Job Search Boot Camp” with Mark’s coaching, I decided to give it a try. Compared to the money lost every week I wasn’t working, the Guerrilla Boot Camp investment was small and, to be honest, a no-brainer.

Prior to engaging Mark for the Guerrilla Job Search Boot Camp and personal consulting, I didn’t realize the sheer difference between the technical aspects outlined in the book and the additional, artistic soft skills I would quickly learn. Put simply, there’s a big difference between assembling a canvas and painting a masterpiece. While the book formed a great foundation, it simply couldn’t begin to cover every tool and trick needed for job hunting in the current recession.

The Boot Camp is aptly named and for people who are serious about obtaining or changing employment and, if you are willing to listen, be proactive, do the necessary work and try unique approaches, employment, it works! After working with Mark and revamping my Guerrilla resume and cover letter using his suggestions, I immediately began receiving more call-backs, even from Internet job board postings.

The networking tactics he shared allowed me to burrow further into the “hidden” job market, exposing myself to more opportunities than ever before. He offered answers to the toughest of interview questions, allowing me to tactfully handle any situation. Mark showed how creating and executing a highly targeted search actually opened more opportunities instead of narrowing them down. Within 30 days of starting to work with Mark and following his suggestions,

I made the final cut for several VP-level positions and received numerous firm employment offers. As a result, I accepted a senior-level position within 60 days of using his service. In conclusion, the investment I placed in Mark’s services and Guerrilla Job Search Boot Camp repaid itself very quickly.

The only regret I had was not engaging him immediately upon becoming unemployed- where the investment would have repaid itself over 100 times during the seven month period I remained unemployed while searching without his assistance.”

Mike F.
Mike F. Bridgeville, DE

"Contracting Mark as my personal “sports agent” was worth every tax deductible penny and then some."

Like millions of Americans, after 20 years, I was laid off not long ago from a very good job. My first course of action was to purchase “Guerilla Marketing for Job Hunters.

While reading it is when I first learned of Mark J. Haluska. Mark is a contributing co-author of this excellent job seeker guide. Which by the way has the second edition coming soon! When I finished the book, I said to myself, “I just have to talk to him!”

Taking lessons from the book I decided to be a Guerilla Job Seeker. I wanted him to personally talk to me. With nothing to lose, I crafted a creative Guerilla style email to Mark and then just hoped for the best. Much to my amazement he actually did respond a few days later ! I asked Mark to be my personal job seeker counselor / advisor. The man is a regular General George Patton.

He MADE me do things I would have never done before. Most job seekers wouldn’t either. But by stepping out of my comfort zone as he made me do, I stood out from the pack as he said I would. It was Mark’s job seeker wisdom, coaching and counseling, coupled with his sense of humor that got me through these tough times. Since then and in near record time by today’s standards, I just started a great new job! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Contracting Mark as my personal “sports agent” was worth every tax deductible penny and then some. I learned so much from his coaching and made a friend at the same time! If you need help, contact Mark Haluska. Guerilla hint:

If you really want his attention he likes Gino’s East Chicago deep dish pizza. I just ordered Mark his “second” case of Gino’s East pizza’s as a gift (from me) yesterday. Do yourself a favor and get connected with Mark, so you too can stand out from everyone else out there either looking for a job or just trying to get that promotion!”

Heidi Antonietti
Heidi Antonietti Chicago, IL

“Mark is the kind of person who knows his business, who cares and has great ideas."

If you are looking for someone to offer the right kind of feedback, exemplify a LOT of personal integrity and has the ability to put you on the right track with your job search, work with Mark.

I have met very few people in my lifetime that stand out as a true professional in their field like Mark. Thanks Mark, for all you have done for me and being a friend.

Stacy Wyman Roanoke, Virginia

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