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Dear Friend,

If you’re looking for a job, this may be the most important letter you read all year …

Here’s why: Now you can get your hands on the same Guerrilla Job Search secrets that got one man a 6-figure job in only 8 days …

Look. With America’s ‘real’ unemployment decreasing — it’s never been more important for you to use proven, unconventional, “Guerrilla” tactics to find a job - to land the best jobs.

Because, if you keep doing what you’ve been doing to find a job, you’ll keep getting the same results. And how’s that working for you?

First, let me introduce myself.

My name is David Perry.

For the past 30 years I’ve been Managing Director of Perry-Martel International, one of North America’s top firms for executive search, recruiting and placement. I’ve helped hire more than 1000 executives and negotiated more than $380 million in salaries.

You’ll find me quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fortune Magazine, HR Today, and Venture Wire, and on TV as an employment analyst for CBC News World in Canada.

I’m the co-author of “Guerrilla Marketing for Job-Hunters 3.0″ and the author of “Career Guide for the High-Tech Professional.”

Together with my colleague, Kevin Donlin, a job-search columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune since 2000, who’s been featured in USA Today, The New York Times, Fortune Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CBS Radio, Fox News, and other news outlets …

Now, for the first time ever, you can get hired for your next job FAST, when you join the world’s only live seminar based on our book — and led by us, personally — called ...


“Guerrilla Job Search Secrets Revealed!”

It’s a fast-paced LIVE program on DVD that gives you everything you need to get hired fast — even in today’s tough economy.

And you can get it today — FREE.

Which Of These Powerful Secrets Could You Use To Get Hired Fast?

Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll see on our new 2-hour Guerrilla Job Search DVD...

  • You get the blueprint to the “Coffee Cup Caper” technique that gets interviews in 48 hours — or less! It got one St. Paul woman hired in only 34 days. PLUS, you’ll hear the actual voicemail from a hiring manager who called back — and later hired! — a Chicago man after getting one of these in the mail … the best part? The employer had originally ignored his resume. But the “Coffee Cup Caper” changed all that!
  • How one man found a job paying $130,000 after writing one simple thing on a piece of paper. It takes less than 2 minutes. If you passed 6th grade English, you can do this!
  • Why you should call an employer when the job posting says, “No phone calls.” Learn the 22 words to say so that nobody is offended … and your chances of getting the interview will skyrocket!
  • The “5-Minute Networking” method that’s as easy as tying your shoes. Plus, you get the exact phone script you can use to get hot job leads in 5 minutes — or less!
  • “Turn-The-Tables” Job Interview secrets that let you set the agenda for almost any interview — and get hired faster. NOBODY ELSE is teaching this!
  • 5 simple ways to make absolutely, positively sure that hiring managers get your resume by email. Because you’ll never get hired if they don’t know about you!
  • How to create an instant connection with hiring managers from the very first words on your resume. Best part: Employers will tell you exactly what to write.

This Free DVD gives you all the tools you need to get hired, without paying the $5,000 we charge for executive outplacement services.

How fast can you use them to find the job of your dreams?

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Here’s What Others Say...

“Struggling for 7 Months, Hired Within 30 Days of Attending The Seminar!”

“I was struggling … trying to use a standard two-page resume that just wasn’t working for me. I was out of work for 8 months. The first 7 months I was using my two-page resume that I think pretty much everyone else uses. My confidence was pretty low.

“As soon as I came to the seminar, I learned all sorts of tips and tricks, specifically with the resume. I went to [using] a Guerrilla Resume. It was easy to write and I felt confidence in it … I was passing it around to certain people, to hiring managers, recruiters, and friends. All of a sudden it was, ‘This is a great resume, a perfect resume, I understand exactly what you do.’

“Once I took your class, I had a job offer within a month. It gave me the confidence, it gave me a resume that I felt positive to hand out to anybody.”

Scott Bornstein, Sales/Marketing - Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Jobless For 8 Months, Hired in About 30 Days!”

“I’d been looking for a job for about 8 months before and I got a new job about one month after joining the Guerrilla Job Search. I used my Guerrilla Resume as well as a cover letter created by the templates provided by you guys.

“I went to the interview not anticipating a job offer but with an open mind. I took an exam first and then talked to a team member of the consulting agency. I did listen to the audio that I received from you guys earlier on interviews [Ed. note: ‘Job Interview Secrets Revealed’ — you’ll get this] and it helped me out immensely.

“The next day the offer came in. I really believe the entire thing came about from my revamped resume. I feel a sense of pride when I hand it out now … I can’t thank you enough for the changes you have helped me make in my resume and in all aspects of the job search.”

Keith Talbert, Finance Professional - Lumberton, Texas

“Relocated and Hired for $10,000 More Than Expected!”

“Before I signed up for the Guerrilla Job Search I had been trying to find a job for 8 weeks.

“After joining and following the process, I used personal networking locally and a connection to a recruiter on Linkedin that led to a position not advertised. It was in Tennessee, where I wanted to move from Florida.

“Five days later, I was offered a job. I later found out that my bonus structure is much higher than I thought and I will be making close to $10,000 more than was originally discussed in my offer.

“Kevin and David are the REAL DEAL. This job was not advertised anywhere, yet I was able to secure an interview through a combination of my Guerilla Resume and networking.”

Jerry Kuhn, Training/Development Manager - Nashville, Tennessee

“Hired in Only 31 Days!”

“This stuff really works. You blew me away with the results achieved. How about this — a job offer in 31 days, and that was without rushing out of the starting gate! Everyone I talked to said they were impressed by my resume. At one of the interviews (with 2 partners) I was told, ‘That wasn’t a resume. It was one of best pieces of advertising we’ve ever seen — it was so different and so effective. I’m not looking to hire another person right now, but we had to talk to you after reading your stuff.”

Rod Sider, Sales Professional - Waterloo, Ontario

Now, quite frankly, the price for this program should exceed $500, because just one hour of our consulting time is worth more than $500 now — and you get us for 2 hours on this DVD...

But we’re driven by a mission to put 20,000 people back to work in America — fast.

That means we need to get this DVD into the hands of as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. So here’s what we’re going to do...

When you get this DVD package now, you won’t pay $500... $250... or even $50...

Instead, you can get this Guerrilla Job Search Seminar absolutely FREE.

(Just put the word "Shutdown" {without " " marks} in the coupon box - it will recalculate the total to show $0.)

You’re probably skeptical, but think about it — if you keep doing the same things over and over in your job search, you’ll keep getting the same results. And how’s that been working for you?

That’s why we want you to watch our new “Guerrilla Job Search Secrets Revealed” seminar DVD, based on our 30+ years of combined results — free.

Remember: Every day you don’t have a job, you’re losing money. And we’re willing to bet you’re losing WAY more than $7, which is all the shipping and handling for this DVD will cost.

Simply click the blue "Add To Cart" button below… and you will be taken to a reservation page where you can claim your video now.

Why wait? Every day without a paycheck is a day you’re losing money.

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David Perry, Co-Creator
“Guerrilla Job Search Secrets Revealed!” DVD

P.S. — Don’t delay, because this FREE DVD is available for a limited time. We can’t afford to give them away forever.

Think of this: If you make $52,000 and find your next job just 2 weeks faster after watching this DVD, you’ll QUICKLY gain back $2,000 in lost salary.

What would you do with an extra $2,000? Or more? Get your free copy of our “Guerrilla Job Search Secrets Revealed” DVD now.

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