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Now we have an all-new slate of sessions focused on social networking and job hunting with Facebook, Twitter, Google, the latest tips and tricks on LinkedIn, and the latest on our patent-pending “Coffee Cup Caper” and “Trojan Thank You Note” ploys.

Here’s what others say about David Perry and Guerrilla Job Search LIVE events …

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Here’s what others are saying about Guerrilla seminars (actual e-mails and written comments)…

[Subject: Guerrilla Job Search! Wow – What a fantastic event!]

Dynamic! Engaging! Thought Provoking! Typically, I expect a few nuggets from any conference/event that I attend. Not the case this morning. Kevin and David shared an infectious enthusiasm about possibilities that kept me on the edge of my seat and taking notes as fast as I could write. I believe that this event will serve as the change agent in not only my current career search, but also how I approach my career plan once I join an organization.

Tamara Tyree, Attendee, PHRPS Guerrilla Job Search event in Malvern, PA
Everybody loved the presentation and thought it was really great. They got wonderful tips and ideas for how to make their job search much more successful.
Cindy Howes, Organizer, PHRPS Guerrilla Job Search event in Malvern, PA
[Subject: SamsNet Thank You!!]

Hi Kevin,

It was great to see you yesterday — and thanks for speaking again to SamsNet!! There were many comments afterwards at our regular meeting by folks who are planning to implement your techniques in their own search process.

Thank you again!

Kathy Brostrom, SamsNet Speaker Leader
[Subject: Thank you very much]

David and Kevin,

I just want to say “thank you”one more time. Your webcast presentation was excellent! You brought such energy to the program! And the Q&A portion and scheduled chat went incredibly well. It was a fantastic webcast. Thank you very much for your help with SAE’s first Virtual Career Fair!

Lisa Arrigo, Custom Electronic Products Editor - SAE International
[Subject: re: Thank you very much]

Kevin and David,

It wasn’t deja vu from World Congress — I enjoyed the second one just as much as the first one!!! I thought the scheduled chat was very good — you really pulled in the interest.

Thank you!!

Martha Schanno, SAE International
[Subject: Thanks!]

I just wanted to say what a terrific program this morning! Your solid information, creative ideas, and engaging presentation style held the audience thoroughly captivated. An all-around great presentation!!

On behalf of all of us at the MN AMA, THANK YOU!!

Camille Benoit, American Marketing Association - Minneapolis, MN
[Subject: RE: C-Group speaking engagement on 1/8/10]

WOW, what a way to start the year. Your presentation was outstanding. Thank you for your time and talent.

Jack Baloga, Group Director
Astounding! So many useful tips in such a short time … what a value-packed presentation. Thanks so much for generously sharing your ideas to give traditional job search a ‘kick in the pants’! This interview left the audience wanting more, judging from the number of callers vying to ask questions at the end.
Susan Guarneri, Career Directors International (CDI) Board of Directors & Innovation Committee
After attending their seminar and reviewing their materials, I was hired 8 days later. This achievement in the country’s worst unemployment environment would not have happened if it were not for their insights and guidance. I strongly recommend Guerrilla Resume and Interview Skills to help in your job search, whether you are looking for your first professional position after college or a mid-senior executive making a change.
Bill McCausland, Novi, Michigan
I was struggling … out of work for 8 months. The first 7 months I was using my two-page resume that I think pretty much everyone else uses. My confidence was pretty low. As soon as I came to the seminar, I learned all sorts of tips and tricks, specifically with the resume. It gave me the confidence, it gave me a resume that I felt positive to hand out to anybody. I had a job offer within a month.
Scott Bornstein, Minneapolis, Minnesota
[Subject: RE: Agenda]

I’m getting such positive feedback in regard to the presentation, STILL. I’m going to make sure I get the two of you in touch with NACE and other College/Employer organizations.

Jennifer Lozada, Corporate Director of Career Services - Heald College
[Subject: RE: thanks for Career Summit]

Hi Kevin. We very much appreciated your talk. You set the perfect tone for our student leaders, and you captivated their attention with a very compelling presentation.

Kelley Bishop, Executive Director of Career Services - Michigan State University
I met David when he spoke at an executive networking event in Toronto. The topic was job search and his approach was a radical divergence from traditional methods. His message was very clear, direct and with a touch of humour as needed. He has created a formula for finding the new career you want and makes it both fun and exciting!
Joanne Fournier, Toronto, Ontario