Mark Haluska

Mark Haluska, Executive Director, Real Time NetWork,, “Service Corp of Retired Executives (SCORE)”. Mark has contributed articles and editing to each of the three Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters books and is the only certified guerrilla Job search master coach in America.

Darren Hardy, Publisher SUCCESS Magazine, contributed the FOREWORD

Anita Martel, Partner Perry-Martel,  “Emotional Intelligence and your Career Portfolio”

John Sumser, CEO, Two Color Hat “Hiding in Plain Sight”

 Chris Perry, Brand & Marketing Generator,

Denis Smith, “Social Media and the Guerrilla Job Hunter”

Dave Howlett, CEO, RHB,, “Job Hunting and Dating”

Kevin Donlin, President of Guaranteed Resumes & Co-Founder of Guerrilla Job Search International, wrote 50% of the chapter on resumes AND is co-creator of ALL Home Study Courses and DVDs.

Simon Stapleton, “How to Find the Best Jobs from the Hidden Job Market”

Steven Rothberg, CEO, “How Best to Use Job Boards”

Dave Mendoza Owner SixDegrees from Dave/ Job Machine,, “The “Shotgun Blast” Approach”

 Amitai Givertz, “Guerrilla Googling and the Job Hunter’s Dashboard”Principal, AMG Management Advisors,

 Alison Doyle, “Common Ground-Online Job Searching for Women“, Author,,

Jim Stroud, “Become an Easy Target”, Social media development manager,

James Durbin, “Employment 2.0”, The Social Media Headhunter,

Willy Franzen, Founder of One Day, One Job, “Targeted Advertising with Facebook”

Peter Clayton, “Working with the Press” producer and host of Total Picture Radio

Glenn Gutmacher, “How to Find Your Next Job for Free Using Social Networks, Blogs, and Other Underutilized Web 2.0 Methods and Tools” , Vice President of

Donato Diorio, CEO, BroadLook Technologies, “Recruiters and Research”

Jason Alba, CEO, “Be Found”

Penelope Trunk, author, Brazen Careerist. “Women and Networking”

Matt Massey, President, drive2 Inc, “Are You Outstanding?”

Daniel Houle, “Stay Away from the Human Resources Department”

Joseph Nour, CEO, Protus IT Solutions, “Be Your Own Recruiter with E-Mail Marketing”

Deanna J. Williams, Consultant, “Surviving beyond hopelessness” Harry Joiner, Owner, In Case of Emergency, Break Glass

Kevin Watson, Partner, “Tales from the Trenches”

Cindy Kraft The CFO-Coach, “The Good, the Bad, and the Great”

Shally Steckeler, Vice President, Arbita

Dave Opton, CEO ExecuNet, www.execunet.comLauryn Franzione, Vice President, ExecuNet,

David Carpe, Founder, Clew Inc.