The following job search Success Stories are but a sample of the thousands upon thousands of job hunters who have created their own LUCK by embracing the guerrilla challenge to be bold and present their unique capabilities in new ways.  They have graciously agreed to tell  their stories here to encourage and embolden you. 

I look forward to hearing your success story soon!

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Job Search Success Stories…

Gail Neal

I took a commission-only sales job at cemetery. I thought it was the ultimate recession-proof job. I was wrong – almost a year later I was actually “broker” than when I started. It was time to find something else to do.   Easier said than done. The June 2009 unemployment rate in Detroit, Michigan was 25-30%.  I considered myself a savvy job seeker. I attended every free or nearly free (because, of course, I had no money) networking event I could find. I followed up on every lead. I did my research and sent resumes to the owners, presidents, or department heads of my target companies. Results? Through the entire summer of 2009 I had a grand total of zero interviews.  READ GAIL’S SUCCESS STORY HERE

Mary Berman 

I had gotten laid off from my job of eleven years in advertising. When the big three took a dive here in Detroit, so did the automotive print business. I knew the job market was going to be tough, but thought with my advertising/marketing background, I would be able to brand myself in some way and land a job without any problems.  I made cards to pass out, attended networking groups, and even developed my own website. I worked hard networking and put numerous hours in on the computer sending out resumes.  I did more than most and thought I would have some success, but this job market turned out to be a tough one, they were getting 800-1000 resumes every job I applied for. Here I was, seven months later I had not had one interview!  READ MARY’S SUCCESS STORY HERE

Grant Turck

I needed a job in 2009, but like getting a movie made in Hollywood I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, especially in California where the unemployment rate was already over 11%! I would need to stand out, but how? Armed with the knowledge from Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0 I crossed my fingers and chose my secret weapon: Facebook Advertising.” READ GRANT’S SUCCESS STORY HERE

Kenrich Chatman

I was one of 700K+ professionals who lost their jobs. I was fairly confident that I would land a comparable or better position quickly; like I did previously in my career. Three months later, I quickly realized that this job market was the worst many Americans and I have faced in our lifetimes. Likewise, I knew I needed to really distinguish myself from the competition  READ KENRICK’S SUCCESS STORY HERE


“I was a soon-to-be college graduate in the USA on an international student visa.  I was looking to relocate to a different state with minimum industry experience. Oh and this story takes place in the middle of the financial meltdown of 2008. Additionally, I had to find a job within three months which is when my student visa expires. Was I crazy? Just a tad but I knew what I wanted and one way or another I will get it.”  READ JADE’S SUCCESS STORY HERE

Tom McAlister

I was in a challenging spot, professionally.  But a combination of guerrilla tactics, personal branding and fortuitous timing got me back in the game.  Several events conspired to create Brand Man, my fictional alter ego.  The first was the economic crisis of 2008-2009 and the subsequent implosion of the job market.  I knew there would be lots of qualified candidates applying for the same positions I was targeting.  Plus, I was at a disadvantage because I had been doing contract and freelance work for the previous year and a half.  I knew I would need to do something interesting in order to stand out among a crowded field, in other words, and that’s how Brand Man came to be.  READ TOM’S SUCCESS STORY HERE

Erica C.

Having been a self-employed business owner for the past eight years, it hasn’t been necessary for me to undertake a “job search” for quite some time, and I quickly realized the task of  landing a job (that I wanted), was going to be the biggest challenge I’ve faced to date.  After three months of my search consisting solely of submitting my resume to job listings on job boards and no interviews to result from that strategy, I realized I needed to change my tactics — I found your book on Amazon and I immediately started implementing many of the suggestions (a LinkedIn profile, using Hoovers to research companies), and most effectively, I started networking.  READ ERICA’S SUCCESS STORY HERE

Darryl Praill

It’s interesting how life works out sometimes.  While I began my professional life as a computer programmer, I’d slowly evolved my career from creating bits and bytes to instead marketing bits and bytes.  And I was good at it.  I’d won numerous awards and accolades including raising over $75 million in funding across multiple companies.  I was part of an executive team that raised the most ever money for a software company in Canada.  The only job I’d ever had to look for was my first one after graduating college.  Even then I’d had multiple offers.  Life had been good to me and I felt that I had accomplished a level of success for which very few ever achieve.  READ DARRYL’S SUCCESS STORY HERE

Chad Lemke

I was a first career executive and had spent all or most of the previous twelve years expanding my responsibility and furthering the careers of those around me.  Sometime after the third ownership change, I found myself negotiating the terms of my release from the VP role that had been my pinnacle accomplishment.  It was the end of an amazing run.   READ CHAD’S SUCCESS STORY HERE

Kevin Watson

… the high-tech meltdown resulted in an unprecedented increase in probability of experiencing a permanent layoff, the likes of which had never been seen in the sector or the rest of the economy. High-tech workings in Ottawa-Gatineau, a major technology cluster, were hit particularly hard. Those laid off saw a steep decline in their earnings – well above that experienced by any other group, even during the jobless recovery of the 1990s. Among laid-off high-tech workers overall, about 4 in 5 (80%) did not find jobs in the sector and about 1 in 3 moved to another city. In Ottawa-Gatineau, about 2 in 5 left the city. (Source Statistics Canada 2007). READ KEVIN’S SUCCESS STORY HERE

Greg Quirk

There were two different ways I was able to achieve interviews that ended up with a job.  As they used different tactics, I wanted to share both with you.    Company #1: I was able to secure multiple rounds of interviews with a company by following many of the tactics outlined in the Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters book.  To start with, I prepared a Coffee Cup Caper, which included a copy of my Guerrilla Resume, a Guerrilla Cover Letter and a StarBuck’s coffee cup.  I sent this via FedEx and called the CEO shortly after he received it.  While they did not have a specific requirement, he was intrigued and set up an interview for when he returned from his holidays.  READ GREG’S SUCCESS STORY HERE

 Jeff Kruzich

I became part of the great American Layoff trend in September of 2009. Having been in sales for over 20 years, I was confident I would be able to find another Sales Manager job. 5 years earlier I had been laid off and had another position within 3 months so I wasn’t worried.  I had interviews with 3 companies within the first 2 months and made it to the final two for two of those companies. One, the job got put on indefinite hold, the other they hired someone who had industry experience. Now it was December 2009 and everything came to a screeching halt. There were no new postings on the internet and every lead I had vaporized.  READ JEFF’S SUCCESS STORY HERE

Bill McCausland

During the financial crisis, my well-paying Sales & Marketing position within the automotive industry in Southeast Michigan was eliminated.  Living in one of the worst job markets, how does one beat the odds by finding, not only employment, but advance my career?

Fortunately, I had taken many steps of a Guerrilla Job Hunter. READ BILL’S  SUCCESS STORY HERE