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See David Perry and Kevin Donlin on TV, explaining how you can get hired by “selling money at a discount” to employers:

See David Perry and Kevin Donlin on TV, explaining a Guerrilla Cover Letter:

See David Perry and Kevin Donlin on TV, explaining why you must start a job search with clarity:

David Perry and Kevin Donlin have been interviewed by The New York Times, CBS Radio, Fox TV, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and others on the topic of finding a job fast.

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To learn more, please call 613.236.6995 (media only) or e-mail us. David and Kevin are available by telephone, via satellite, and in studio.


Sample Interview Questions

Sample Interview Questions

So, David Perry and Kevin Donlin …

  • What are 2 things you should never do when starting a job search? (Answer takes 1 minute.)

  • What is the easiest way to find a job? (90 seconds.)

  • You say that people find a job using the secrets of junk mail, television infomercials and vacuum cleaner salesmen!? Can you explain that one? (Answer takes 90 seconds.)

  • Why should job seekers learn to love "spam" when sending email to employers? (1 minute.)

  • Is it possible to recover from a blown job interview? (1 minute.)

  • You claim that people can program their subconscious minds to look for jobs while they sleep?! Can you explain that idea? (90 seconds.)

  • What are 3 things should you never put in a résumé? (1 minute.)

  • How can people find the best companies to work for, no matter where they live? (90 seconds.)

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