The 12 Days of Christmas Job Hunting.

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In 2012 slightly less than 50-million jobs were filled in the United States – almost all without a job posting

Bet you didn’t see even 1% of those ads did you?  No of course you didn’t because the jobs weren’t posted.

A major change in the way employers hunt for candidates has upended the job search process everybody has known for 40 years or more.  The simple truth is that excessive government legislation has so constricted employers in read tape that they can’t deal with the avalanche of resumes and followup if they run an ad. 

So they don’t.  Instead, employers are relying on a brand new digital armory to find the handful of “most qualified” recruits that they want to interview.

 Employers have gone digital!   And this move makes things easier for savvy job hunters!  Any candidate with the right digital skills has more power and more opportunity to land a job than they have ever had before – if they know how to be found and how to hunt in an all digital world.

Linkedin is now every job hunter’s best first line of ofence.  With more than 120 million registered users, LinkedIn is the world’s de facto job board and is widely used by recruiters and job seekers alike.

 Today, LinkedIn is your first interview, and that interview happens without you been present. 

The biggest challenge with LinkedIn, is that most job hunters don’t know how to use it effectively. Many users, for instance, post their entire resume on LinkedIn instead of capturing a recruiter’s interest with some key words and saving the “meat” for an in-person meeting. Those key words will make your name pop up when recruiters are looking for someone with your title, skills or experience. 

If you put some thought in to the construction of your LinkedIn Profile you’ll have tons of employers throwing themselves at you.   Playing hard to get in plain site is a strategy that has worked for millions of people who are less talented than you are.  If you’d like to be found then you should read the “12 Days of Christmas Job hunting with LinkedIn.”


Day 1 – A plan with a very clear goal

Day 2 – Two strategies to crack the hidden job market

Day 3 – The 3 R’s of job-hunting!

Day 4 – Four Questions to Ask Headhunters

Day 5 – 5 Golden Rules!

Day 6 – 6 Tools to Download

Day 7 – 7 Groups to Join

Day 8 – 8 Rules for an Extraordinary LinkedIn Profile

Day 9 – Nine Tools for Researching Leads

Day 10 – 10 Super Motivators

Day 11 – 11 Ways to be Synergistic

Day 12 – 12 Happy Success Stories