If you’re going through Hell – keep going!

re·sil·ien·cy –The act of resiling, springing back, or rebounding; as, the resilience of a ball.

That was my response to a question one of my daughters asked me today.  The question is not important.  My answer was not original.  However, it sparked me to write today about something I believe passionately about – and that is the concept of resiliency. 

Resiliency is something we admire.  It’s a cherished character flaw in our heroes.  I say a flaw because most people don’t have it – or at least they don’t think have it because most people consider themselves to be average.  But they do, resiliency is all in your mind.  And your mind is part of the biggest and most powerful muscle you have.  You know you can build muscle mass on purpose, right?  

The easiest way to build your brain’s muscle mass and therefore your resiliency is to practice  re·sil·ing.  If you play sports you resile every day.  Same with being a parent.  Same with going into work when your boss is an a$$. 

So, “If you’re going through Hell – keep going!” You need the practice.  I was lucky enough to be able to practice this early in life after reading Sir Winston Churchill’s series on WWII.  So when I find myself going through Hell – again – I pretty much have a map.  Try it.  I assure you it gets easier every time.

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So how about you?  It’s time to share.  Share something inspiring for the rest of the readers.